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Note: Until we open, pictures shown are courtesy and property of Hamburg Miniature Wonderland and other attractions/publications

Given the upheavals over the last 2-3 years, investment decisions have become increasingly difficult.  Previously attractive new trends have proven unreliable or overcrowded, conservative and well established markets and stocks are difficult to judge and most recently, interest rate changes started to impact even real estate opportunities.  Amongst the few reliable facts are human needs such as travel, tourism, leisure and entertainment – but even these have become more price conscious than ever.  That is where Small Worlds Middle East finds its niche – a proven concept in a perfect market environment with a high degree of social responsibility.  Read on…

Not only will this project yield 100% return over the first 4 years but also pay back the invested capital over that period.  The annual dividends after that are projected above 100% – aside from reaching all other aspirations (see pdf presentation available above).  Of course, initial partners will have preferred access to future expansion options.  Alternatively, we offer 6-8% interest/profit p.a. for a 4 year equity loan which is very attractive under current market conditions.What is it about? Keep reading…

We are developing an experiential visitor attraction (EVA) in Dubai themed around highly interactive miniature worlds. It is aimed at families and will feature affordable entry price levels.  The concept is new and unique to the GCC – but well established in Germany (short video here: )and since copied multiple times in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New York, St. Petersburg and Tokyo (to name but a few).  We are taking this to the GCC and MENA: first stop Dubai – Qiddiya (KSA) next (in 2025).  Note: the Hamburg team have been invited but have no interest in expanding outside Hamburg but wish us all the best.  

Market testing in DXB was highly encouraging even during the pandemic (see pitch deck).  Most EVAs in Dubai reach 1 mn visitors p.a. within 1-2 years from opening and even during Covid, affordable outlets reached 40-70% of normal (pre-Covid) footfall. We only need 12% (120k p.a.) visitors for financial success – with a totally new concept to the UAE where attractions are received with open arms. 

Contrary to recent EVAs in Dubai, this is low Capex – allowing affordable entry positioning aimed at the family leisure and entertainment segment which is in need for things to do in free time. This approach widens target segments, repeat visitation whilst reducing risk and annual visitor numbers required to reach financial targets. The experience can also be taken home to become a family hobby – we will offer the products, training and home building service. Sustainability and German digital technology are further focus points.  Once finance is complete, we will open doors (Phase 1) within 6 months from moving in.

Full technical planning for Phase 1 (of 4) is complete.  We are talking to several potential locations in Dubai, incorporation is complete, supplier negotiations are close to complete, technical and managerial teams are on standby.  To reassure you, several of our technical team have led or participated in setting up exactly this type of experience in Hamburg, Austria, Switzerland, etc. and the management team is highly experienced in setting up new ventures in the leisure, hospitality and visitor attraction fields.  Opening is envisaged in Q1 2023 (assuming deal in place October 2022), ie. the project will generate income and net profits from 2023.  

Apart from finalizing the venue decision, we are exploring potential partnership opportunities.  Please also refer to the attached presentation for details.  Please note, that we are not looking for free money but are considering JV participation or a startup equity loan repayable from when we open doors – that will be happen 6 months from moving into the space.  

We are raising total investment of US$950k from partner(s) (part of which has been secured) either as equity share capital (US$1mn = 20% shares), equity loans (6-8% p.a.) or a mix thereof to finance implementation of phase 1 and Opex for 6 months. Future phases will be financed from operational income. All investment will be repaid within 4 years (shares remain with investors). IRR projected >100%, 10 year ROI >493%, 5 year TVPI 2.32, VPS y1 $408 – VPS y 5 $3067, NPV > US$ 57mn (before terminal value, = 10x capital), DSCR years 1-4 average >40.

LinkedIn profiles to provide background: Sven Gade, Founder and CEO here, our Chief of Marketing is here:

We look forward to hearing from you and would be delighted by your interest and happy to discuss details.